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Stressed? Short on time?  Short of breath? Tired of being tired? What happened to your passion for life? Why do some people shine under pressure while others fall apart? The secret lies in learning to harvest your own personal resilience.

Join Dr. Amir Georges Sabongui, Ph.D., for this dynamic, interactive, and inspiring seminar. You will discover how to rekindle your energy and passion, take back control of your life, and transform stress into a potential ally.

You will learn:  

How to avoid the number one mistake that almost EVERYONE makes;

What resilient people naturally do to bounce back from adversity, and why they actually SEEK OUT stress and use it to their advantage;

Why doing less will NOT fix the problem; How to recognize warning signs and the impact that stress has on physical and mental health, and what to do about it.

Then … ACTION! Thanks to concrete and creative strategies, you will develop your own dashboard to monitor your physical, mental and emotional health and build a personalized action plan to get you back to your optimal self. By the end of the seminar, you will already notice a radical change. You will feel like you can shine under pressure like a diamond, instead of falling apart like dust!



What do we do when our wonderful plans in a known, predictable, and seemingly controllable world get suddenly shattered and we are catapulted into a world of chaos, uncertainty, and ambiguity?

One option is to fall apart under the pressure and the tumult, and to shrink in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Another option is to use these crises as defining moments that can foster a period of post-traumatic growth, discover our latent genius, and emerge transformed at every level - professionally, relationally, and emotionally.

Not only are we equipped to navigate chaos and uncertainty, but we can even grow through adversity. Instead of allowing these crises to bring out the worst in us, the unavoidable catastrophes of life can also inspire the best in us, and propel us onto nothing less than a Hero’s Journey of unprecedented growth, and perhaps even help us illuminate the path for others stumbling in the darkness.


Maximizing the full human potential

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the forces, the optimal operation, and the determinants of well-being.

This field of psychology aim at defining what makes life worth living. The most frequently explored themes in this field are: Optimism, Commitment, Hope, Senses, Happiness, Full consciousness,Resilience, Strength of character «signature» (values in action), Positive emotions, Motivation, to determination, Self-efficacy, Life satisfaction, creativity. Positive psychology has paved the way to numerous scientific studies dedicated to the understanding of human nature and the determinants of human growth at its full potential.

To be interested by positive psychology does not consist at perceiving one or others with an idealized vision, like through pink glasses. It also doesn’t consist in getting rid of the knowledge acquired on mental suffering and the means to remedy it. Perhaps, we consider that besides multiple problems, individual and collective dysfunctions, it expresses and develops into a life rich in meaning and potential.As much as it is important to rigorously study the pathologies, we have to also identify the determinants of the human growth and help fostering it.


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