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I just wanted to send a huge thank you your way (and to anyone else who helped to make the Energia training possible). Since starting the course, I have been waking up early to head out for 5:30 am walks [...] I have begun working on positive coping strategies and have taken a good look at how I can handle stressful situations differently. My positive self-talk has increased, and I have realized that while I still have some work to do (maybe a lot), this is something worth investing in...I am someone worth investing in.

- Vicky

I live in a household where 4 of the 5 members have clinically diagnosed mental health issues of varying severity and control levels. A lot of what Dr. George noted really hit home and re-enforced strategies that I practice today with each of them as well as helped me discover some new strategies that I could bring into the formula.

- Daniel

Dr George's presentation was nothing short of Amazing! He covered A LOT of content in such a short period of time, all the while keeping the audience interested. Work & Family life balance always seems to be a struggle. He found a way to to achieve the balance & most importantly WHY it is important.  Best outside presenter of any meeting, ever!  Really great talk! As someone who is a bit jaded when it comes to guest speakers - detest the motivational speaker ''wishy washy'' unscientific stuff - Dr. George was refreshing as all his great advice was grounded in good science!

- Domenica

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Dr. George is one of the founder of Energia. He works closely with North America's largest corporations to develop and implement organizational leadership solutions, crisis response and mental health training programs.

He holds a PhD in psychology and specializes in resilience and organizational leadership solutions.

Winner of several merit awards, including the prestigious Canadian (SSHRC) and Quebec FCAR) Research Council Excellence Scholarships.

He has conducted research on resilience for more than 10 years for which he received the Excellence Award from the Canadian Psychological Association.

He earned special recognition for his exceptional leadership during more than 14 years of military service. He is now a retired Lieutenant-Commander of the Canadian Royal Navy.

He's a sought after keynote speaker that has made more than 1000 live presentations over the years.

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